Everyone is invited to visit VULCANICUS – ‘The Volcano of Art’ via the Metropolis grid. Central Map name is RIFT HORIZON. Then look south to see VULCANICUS on South Horizon. Enter South Horizon on your own risk as there is an older server edition running. You might get ruthed!

Metropolis was established in 2008 and is hosted in Europe. Main languages in this grid are German and English as the founders of Metropolis are from Germany and Switzerland. The ‘Volcano of Art’ is linked into Metropolis via a bridge. This allows you to create an avatar via Metropolis and  to ‘hyperjump’ to a ‘backup’ of the Volcano. A ‘backup’ means the version you see is not up to date. Some functions might not work proper, but nevertheless you get a very good backup 🙂

In ‘The Volcano of Art’ you find pieces of art made by: Ivrai AbramovicMinethere Always,Bonafidenutts AriesRob BalderSisi BiedermannRay BlueWizardoz ChromeFiona BlaylockArt BlueFeathers BoaNavah DreamsJadeYu FhangReezy FrequencyCold FrogGarvie Garzo,Wizard GynoidIssis KaruMet KnelstromChapTer KronfeldNicci LaneExcess Lemmon,Gaianed LindmanFreeWee LingGgabriel MadrugaAttard MagicBirki MagicFontana Magic,Mdina MagicMosta MagicMimesis MondayCherry MangaYooma MayoMeilo Minotaur,Fuschia NightfireSoror NishiBryn OhNanjido OhSaveMe OhNeo PrimAM RadioCapCat RaguAley ResidentCreative StarfallRenn Yifu, … [and more, see starting page].

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