RIFT HORIZON creation: cloud guide

The cloud guide, made by Cherry Manga is unique. You will say: indeed unique, a typical work of Cherry Manga and an early work of her. But the cloud guide is unique in a few ways. Cherry Manga runs her own world on opensimulator in Francogrid. There is no need for her to be part in VULCANICUS. She has her own “time capsule”. Cherry Manga is not depening on anyone to keep her work over time in good shape. But she gave it to me on a visit …

I shall just copy the posting I made on April, 6, 2014:

Cherry brought the “Cloud guide” with her as she joined the grand opening of JadeYu Fhang´s Roots & War in Metropolis grid. This very special piece of art became a place to welcome visitors to the Volcano of Art. I will not call it a “landing point” as this sounds so ordinary, but technically it looks like one.

You may find the Cloud guide two times: one in the area of RIFT HORIZON, where you may land and the other one as an object placed “out of sim” of VULCANICUS. In case you cant “sit or stand” on it, dont worry. Out-of-sim objects are placed to extend the view, but they stay “out of reach”.



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