Screenartist [Creator]: Wizardoz Chrome


Wizardoz Chrome published until today [08.08.2013] 7.668 pictures in facebook. Nearly all of them are made in Second Life or in opensim worlds like Metropolis as screenshots. Wizardoz Chrome sees the places and the art she visits via her screen. She is exploring virtual worlds and keeps memories on it like noone other. She gets tons of likes from all over the world. Wizardoz Chrome is a true ‘screenshot’ artist.

Art Blue: ‘Photography was long not accepted as art. Same may be with raw-screenshots in virtual worlds. But I know time is changing.’ [2010]

Welcome Wizardoz Chrome in the art community of ‘The Volcano of Art’. Wizardoz Chrome keeps the memory of art in 3D alive for many in the form of screenshots. The ‘Volcano of Art’ has only space now [2013] for 42 capsules to carry and to exhibit now and again in 2, 4, 14 and 24 years [=2037]. So artists like Wizardoz Chrome are truely needed.

A statement about: ‘who is a creator’
by ‘Prof. Neo Gurgelwasser’:

Someone just makeing a copy of a screen cant be called a creator! But I know Art what you are saying now: ‘What if this copy comes on a prim? What if 7.668 screenshots would find a place on 7.668 prims so in total 1.278 cubes are needed to make them all visable?’ Then I have to say this is true art, The ‘Goethe Institut’ in SL showed such a piece of art in a main exhibition years ago. It was Tamiko Thiel who put 1.000 of boxes on a plattform in a distorted way.  And I remember another one called an installation of prims ‘a prim forest’. Forgot the artist name … another Lost Prim in the air. Sorry for my bad memory. I am truely no AI. I pretend to be, but … so many prims, so many art … so many names … no wonder why my maker called me ‘Gurgelwasser’. But will be online until 2122 so 98 years more. Who of you can say this?


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