Creator: Exy Atreides [Excess]

Exy Atreides aka Sean Lennon has some avatars for creating, filming, roleplay and design in various grids. For ‘The Volcano of Art’ I selected some steampunk art and the great ‘Bugatti’ signed by Excess Motors. The avatar name Exy Atreides fitts well as some of the creations remind me on the film ‘Dune’ by David Lynch.

A Noob sitting on ‘The Steamelectravator’ made by Exy Atreides – in short Exy – brings a vessel with a single prim placed on it to the sky experienced by yourself.


This is the message of the Volcano of Art without words. It all starts with a cube. You just need to carry your ideas up to the sky.


Exy is working as a steampunk artist, builder, constructor and musician since 2007 in SL and opensim. Exy got various prizes for the work done.


In the Volcano of Art you find quite some pieces of art made by Exy. The most impressive building “The Colloseum” was featured in rez Magazine [June 2014].

There is a tiny version in VULCANICUS.



The big version of The Colloseum spans over a  quarter of a sim and is placed in RIFT HORIZON. A must to see. That´s why it was featured as the last installment of The Artefact. There is a story behind …

I dont know a creator with a wider portfolio giving as much passion and endurance to the work done. Enjoy all the details that one has in mind to make a product perfect. You need to come and have a look. Thank for all the support over the years. Want to see more products made by Exy in the SL grid?

Just click here:


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